Saturday, March 7, 2009

The label story

The process of ordering the label is a long story. I wanted to make my own label because I want to be serious is this new venture. So I made some research in the internet. Yes, I am so lazy to go to shops and survey. All I know is Internet is my source.

I googled 'woven label Malaysia' since I dont want the results came from all over the world..and I found a blog saying shes looking for woven label too. Lucky one of her reader was in the woven label business or something like that and she asked that blogger to contact a company name Docnan.

Then I googled 'Docnan'. Its a small company which tends to do many things. So I tried my luck. They didnt reply my email the next day. I am so frustrated. Since for me, any business you do and if you have websites, and you provide an email address to the visitors of the blog, that means the email must be replied at least at the next day, be it working day or not. That is my principle. So I assumed that this company is not committed to the customers since they cannot reply email the soonest possible.

Then I had a conversation with my designer where she also looking for labels maker. And she got few numbers and she called. And she got 2 contacts which can take minimum orders which is 100dozen = 1200 pieces of labels. That is still a lot for a new business right?But I dont care.

About 3 days after that, my email sent to the Docnan was replied. The boss said he's going for Haj and asked me to contact a girl. So I did.

To cut the story short, it takes about 2 and half months the label completed. But its worth waiting since the quality is superb and Im happy with it. What I did is I follow up every week, called the girl day and nite including weekends since I want it fast, and they promised me earlier was 2 weeks and I don't feel guilty chasing them.

For those who are interested, all you need to do, is give your artwork & the measurement you want. You can do some research how do you want your label to be. Is it end fold, top fold, or etc. As for me, I like the top fold label to be put at the side of the clothes.

The price I got here is RM350 for 100 dozen and the color cannot be in tone.

Hope this will help other people out there who is looking for label makers in the market, I can recommend you this company but just bear with their timing issue since their quality is em, let me rate is *****10star*****

Happy labelling!



thanx for the info..ive been searching via internet too for these woven labels

Liza Azman said...

Hi, can I know where did u get the label done?

okinokiyo said...

liza : from Docnan Industries, Kelantan, tp very manual la. I need to call again n again to verify

shmilysara. said...

I've been trying to find somewhere to make my labels. This really helped me. Thanks a lot!