Thursday, April 30, 2009

Despite my busy-ness entertaining the sick little lady, I managed to complete a merry-go-skirt (this is what Im gonna call this skirt) for her. Its easy but its just me who took million years to complete it.

I used cheap fabric anyway, the chocolate polka dot fabric bought from Kamdar at RM12.50/m and light brown flowery motif bought at RM5/m in Bandung :D.

The flowery fabric I put in the waist & the pocket. Yeah finally I know how to sew a pocket!

Ok, this is what the skirt look like if in the sitting position. It will make a round shape. But the little lady dont wanna sit still, so I made her took off the skirt and just took the skirt pic. :)

This is will be one of design in the coming collection. Anyone interested?

Stay tune!

1 comment:

neeza said...

omg, ni nasya ker? kalo betul, i mama zahra - same taska with ur dotter.