Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The birthday dress for darling

Ok this was my first attempt in making dress for my dear darling . It was so frustrating at first when I dont really like the outcome. So what did I do? I opened up all the stitches and sew all back again and I prefer the latter :)

I used two different pattern of fabrics. Both fabrics I bought in the local shops here in KL. But the front fabric was by a cotton designer - Robert Kauffman. It was love at the first sight when I first saw the fabric and right away I bought the swatch (Yes I bought the swatch first). Then I was doing the wardrobe cleaning only I found out the back fabric and somehow it match!

It did not meant to be wear with the legging but I tought we were going to indoor playland but end up we have 'scary' boat trip in the nearby shopping mall :p But it was a good experience though.

I was having this some kind of feeling where I dont want my lil girl to grow up. Is it the time for me to get a new baby?Because she didnt like both me and my husband cuddle her anymore and it was sad. And she started showing a sign of caring to her doll.

Ohh I miss my baby and I love the dress :)

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