Saturday, March 31, 2012

Its all about letters

Finally, they are here! The M&M Alphabets badges!!

It comes in colorful colors and caps and small letters. This is the add ons to your hats as Nasya's, she already booked her badges and wanted to put them on her Rorry hat. You can also pick just your kids initial. And since it is a badge, you can put it anywhere you want after that.

I just think that hats can be embellish with anything and this is one of the portable one that you can resist since its yummmmyyyy..

Promotion price is RM2 each and the price is up till 13 April, and actual price is RM3 each. Im gonna upload this soon in the website and tweet once it is done, okay?

More sewing to be done, have a nice weekend all!


Rodzila said...

Assalam Mai,
boleh tak share supplier button bagde tu..?

dwimaya said...

mai, i interested nak beli these yummy alphabets badges.. how to order? :D