Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pippy Patchy thing...

Because Im done with all the orders, I've been thinking whether to do this patchy thing or not.

Then I whatapps Tini of SnazzyNSuch asking for her opinion and after thinking about one week, ok lets give it a try. Sitting in front of my messy desk and watching my current favourite series Revenge (do u follow the series? Its soo good!) I finally came out with the final product using all my scraps. I have A LOT i tell you.

I instagrammed the Pippy Patchy belt yesterday and just now. Tested at my not so little girl, ok and they are ready for sell. I will try to upload the ready mades in the website this weekend. And Tuesday is holiday! So yeah more work to do esp the m&m alphabets badges hmmmm helpppp!

Till then, take care you all!

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