Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to pay via paypal but have no paypal account (but you have to have credit card or debit card though!)

Happy labour day to all! And lets welcome May in open arms :)

So, today Im a bit rajin and in a good mood to teach and do a tute on how to pay with paypal when you have no paypal account. I know some of you out there sometimes want to pay but when you see the options is only limited to paypal, you turn off. 

You dont have to! There's a way, but you have to have at least a credit card or a debit card yeah? 

First and foremost, why paypal? 
Because it is safe, easy peasy and most online business be it local or overseas use paypal.

Im working my ass off to use shopping cart in my online store, and there is option for paypal. 

First, you need to know how to use the shopping cart. Go here to learn how

So, here's how to pay using paypal.

1.You are in payment page, select Paypal. Make sure to fill in the email box there. Else I couldnt confirm your order with you.

2. Fill in billing details. Just check if it is the same as shipping details.
Click Continue.

3. You will redirect to Paypal page.
Left side information is the total amount you need to pay.
Right side information where you need to focus on. 
i) If you have no paypal account, go to the Red circled link. It will bring you to the step 4.
ii) If you want to cancel the purchase click the Blue circiled link. It will bring you to the Okinokiyo's shopping cart back.

4. This is the information you need to fill in. This is a secure page, see the url address above, it should have "https:", meaning you are in a Secure page.

Fill in all your information and scroll till down.

5. Once done, click Review and Continue. Then, once payment done, you will automatically redirected to Okinokiyo's page back. 


Now, please dont say, you have no paypal account, yeah?  :)

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