Friday, March 16, 2012

The sick girl

Last Friday when I picked her up from school, the teacher told me about her swollen eye. I was scared if she got conjunctivitis and we went to a clinic straight away. The doctor said she touched her hand with dirty hands, so that was bacteria, infection etc. We got antibiotik and an eye drop.

Tuesday, she finished her antibiotik but the swollen still there.

Wednesday, her swollen became worst.

I was worried because why it was still there? So I tweeted the photo to doctor friends in twitter. End of the day, a dear friend whatapps me, asking me questions. To cut story short. We went to HKL the next day, super duper early, so that the doctor friend can check her. I cant remember when was Nasya's last visit to doctor. I bet 2 years ago when she had tonsilitis, which one of the reason, I decided to resign.

We had a lot of drama from this drama queen and finally the result was ok. She was suspected with Nephrotic Syndrom earlier, which has to do with kidney. Can you imagine my feelings, reactions that time, but I couldnt cry. I just pray for the best for her. And when the result was out, we were so happy!

This was taken yesterday morning, with less swollen. But she's on medication and hope it will totally gone.

Im sorry because this has trigger me to work slower and prioritizing work. I do expect and hope to get an assistant to help me do the admin thingy with my orders, but I couldnt find one. If any of you with transport, live near my house, Bangi, do let me know if you want to help.

Last order will be posted tomorrow. And Im taking a break for a month, to come out with new hats, and some backend process/work.

Till then, Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


sisdee said...

adeh..ciannya nasya... tu yg g gov hosp tu ek (kat twitter) kat gambar mcm dah kurang sikit..tapi harap2 cpt le baik..ngeri lak baca pasal nephrotic syndrome tu :(

btabah ek mai..mudah2an cpt smbuh!!

Farah said...

Laa..kesiannya Nasya..get well soon OK..hope nothing serious will happen in the future :)

Zura said...

Poor girl Nasya! Untie doakan cepat sembuh k take care...

Anasfadilah said...

get well soon Nasya :D