Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rorry hat : The option

When I started making Rorry hat, I used linen fabric. And the first customer who trust the hat was Mya, daughter of Idamurni. She bought the red riding hood fabric in linen at Markets, Jaya One.

Then I moved to Oxford fabric and now is corduroy. I love to have options of type of fabric, other than cotton. There is a drawback, linen might not as soft as cotton, but it gives the sturdy look and the linen Im using mostly are linen cotton combination at ratio 55 linen, 45% cotton, so why not?

I saw this linen in one of the fabric seller website, and tadaaaa! Perfect. For me it looks like pop corn packaging, but it gives the fun, simple and classic look of the hat.

Nasya wears hat nite and day. We hardly go out at nite. Only when I have no mood to eat my own cooking, we will dine out. And here, she tried to imitate the waiter ,

Nasya : What do you want to order
Me : I want toast..
Nasya : *Pretend to write* One toast coming up!

So Im thinking to open option to linen as well!! Gonna place the order with one of the seller, tra la la la la...

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Anasfadilah said...

cutesy!suka corak lines :D

nasya,as usual..always adorable!