Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1st Market in 2012

This was our first market 2012 and we survived! We in this context are - myself, my husband and our lil Nasya of course. Why? Because of the current state I am, working mom, I managed to come out with some lil goodies for this market!

Our booth (Snazzy n Such ( was at the end of the road which was good and not good. Good because we didnt feel hot. And not good because some of our customers overlook us. One of them have to round 2 times only they managed to find us... :S But after all the sales was good.

I seriously excited to see on of instagram friend showed up. She is one incredible hot momma with a very adorable cute lil girl! She paints! Potraits...oh my god, you should follow her and trust me you will ohhh and ahhhhh to see her paintings :)

Thanks Sara for showing up and thanks for the purchases! Love love Lora soo much!

Im coming up with some new things, braving up myself to take this steps..Will let you know once the things are ready.

And by today, batu seremban will appear in our shopping cart. It is a triangle batu seremban and comes with a pouch. All handmade :D

Have a nice day to you! :)

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