Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leelo Kids

Those who follow me in twitter, instagram and facebook must see that I have a new "baby". A new brand of mine.

Hats is still going on, dont worry. You can still place the order. But I love to explore the world and stretch myself to the maximum I can go. Let see how far. I know you guys will support me, I always know because you guys are just so awesome!

Let me tell you about Leelo Kids a bit. You can also read it here. The concept will be a bit different with Okinokiyo. While for Okinokiyo use imported fabrics, my husband has challenged me to do something with local source. So, Im using Batik! I know, you will say, "batik?!!! For oldies! And confinement ladies!" I love when people underestimate the idea, it makes me to prove that we can do it even better. So yes, I'm coming up with something fresh for your little lady, targetted at 6months till 8 years old. I just so excited and some friends have been keeping this secret and keep listening this for almost every day.

I missed the boat to join Fuyoh Art Bazaar this month and during the last month Jaya One Markets, the clothing still in production, so I really hope to join Little Red Market next October. They are opening the slots and shout here if you want to see the debut! I really really really want to join because they will be a soft launch event the following month, ahem..

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And my trusted husband is integrating the store with the blog now, and I think it is almost complete...

And Im looking for some new and faces with character for a photoshoot somewhere in September, if you think that your girl is the one, send me the picture!

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raona said...

nice...! i've tranformed one of my hard-to-ikat kain batik into one of these; very comfy, bree-zy,and most of all, don't have to worry about tying the untied kain...;;D