Thursday, July 5, 2012

Talking machine

Hellowww, for 2 days in a row I woke up late, and today I made a record, to arrive in the office early! Yay for me. Thanks to smooth road and no traffic jams. And have you utilise your 15% offer? If you havent, there is one day left, and it will expire tomorrow midnite, so hurry!

I think I have a talking machine at home. Nasya talks a lot. Most of them are funny things. She is one serious joker. Im a bit worried because she can read but she cant spell :S Too much of reading makes her know what that words are and how the sounds but she never bothered to learn to spell.

The other day she asked me -
Nasya : Mom, do you how to spell GOT?
Me: GOT or GOD? What do you want to say?
Nasya : I want to say I GOT something...
Me: Ok, the spelling is G.O.T

And she knew if it is wrong. One day my husband tested her.
Nasya : I want to write a letter. Can you help me in spelling?
Dad : Yes, of course.
Nasya : I want to say Hello Friend.
Dad : H.E.L.L.O.W
Nasya : *writing down* ... No, I there is no W here. Just H.E.L.L.O.
Dad : Smart girl!

So, yes a bit worried there. Read - checked, write - beeep!
Phonics doesnt work with her. Because it makes her yawn the whole session. I think I will let her teacher do the spelling work :D and I will brush up her Malay. Last night she said lagi satu ("another" or "one more" in English) as "lasi gatu" all jumbled up. But good thing is, she knew it is wrong and trying hard to say the right word. :D

Got to go, and have you use the 15% discount? Hurry, one day left. All orders will be posted next week, Monday till Friday.

Till then, xoxo.

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Soulie said...

lol! cute lah your daughter