Monday, September 17, 2012

Jewllery making

Nasya saw a DIY page inside her princess magazine on making bracelet, and I promised her we will make it together one day. So, during this long weekend, we sat together after dinner and whipped up princess bracelet. I cant remember where I put my beads so I went to buy 2 packets of different color pearl beads (I bought the beads a day earlier because she begged for this activity a week before).

It was pretty simple instructions, and easy to follow for kids, completed in less than 10 minutes! She can matched it with her magic wand and crown and be a princess at any time.

I use elastic thread. Can be bought at any sewing supply shop, so the bracelet is nicely fit on your kid's wrist and didnt hurt her.

Then, i saw a tweet from Hello Deer about their market, i saw a kid's statement necklace that was so cute! And because Im stucked at home waiting for the sewing machine guy to repair my machine, I cant go there to shop or even window-shop, I decided to make one.

Basically I did all the sewing, I asked Nasya what shape she wanted and chose the buttons she wanted on the necklace. So I sat with her, watching movie and sew the necklace. Really tiring as this is a hand-stitched, one by one...yawn! But I really wanted to finished it. I made the ribbon longer so that we can share the necklace if she is wearing her other handmade necklace.

Ok, and that, what we did during the long holiday, purely a handmade weekend :) I think this is one of the activity you can do with your kids. Usually kids loves handmade things and they wanted to be in the process, so let them be and have fun!

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