Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ready Made Hats soon...

Im coming out with more ready made hats! Why? Because I found out, lots of you out there, been asking for ready made hats and some of you have the hard time choosing the combination of the fabric for a hat. Yeah, I know it can be a problem even I myself sometime sit in front of the racks looking at the fabric and do not know what is the best combination of fabric.

Anyways, this is one sample that I snap the photo. I will do phase by phase based on the type of hats.Currently Im doing the Raisha hats, they are all complete. Havent take the photos yet and havent uploaded them on to the website yet.

Other reason why I want to do ready made hats are to explore with the options. I have few embellishments etc, which I think go well with the hats. I have cute buttons, laces, bias trims which I know can make the hats of your kids outstanding than others. Cant wait to show them once they are done.

And, last reason is because time is so limited now. Im just sad that I couldnt make your hat if my daily job is too occupied. I love both. You can find me at home having a teleconference at night and still can sewing while watching my fav tv series right after that. Drawback is, lack time with my girl and lack of sleep, HELP! :p

So, I want to give you guys options of having fast, no waiting time hats, new fresh look and yup win win situation for both of us. Happy? I am.

But I do need some cooperation from you in terms of sizing of hats that you are looking for, and type of hats you love most, I will be making those a lot. So you have a wider options.

Do comments on : Size you are looking for and Type of Hats you would like to see most.

Really appreciate that!! Till then, Muchas gracias! :D

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