Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nasya meets Mister Maker

We do not subscribe Astro. Which I think is a good decision, since we are Internet Users more than TV users. So when we subscribe Unifi, we use their HyppTV channel as main tv stations. I love their kids channel because of cbeebies and Nick Jr. Nasya learns a lot from Cbeebies.

Mister Maker is one of her favourite. So when she realized that Mister Maker is coming to town, she was so excited looking forward to the day, so did I. Event was at Bangsar Village and we were late. We went to the Immigration Office for our passport renewals, and it took almost all of our day :S

Anyways...the show was good, even though it was short, but packed and she enjoyed it so much. Can see from her glowing face when first seeing Mister Maker in front of her!

We took photo at the poster around the concourse area while waiting for the last session.

With her top favourite show from Cbeebies, Charlie and Lola!
Nasya wearing Leelo Kids Jasmine Pants and Old Navy Rapunzel Tshirt. Speaking of East meets West. :)

There was coloring session as well in between the break, the best 10-entries got a goodie bag.

Mister Maker and the emcee which was so good in entertaining

Nasya at the end of the show, she got the front stage seat, which was awesome, and kept saying, "Mister Maker looked at me when he was so silly saying very very very very 100 times.."

This is the clip that my husband took :

When we reached home, she said, "You know mom, today is so great" Dont you guys think Mister Maker's job is so cool? He entertains and shares his craft ideas to kids that adore him and travels around the world!

Thanks Mister Maker for coming to Malaysia! Ok HyppTV, can you bring Charlie and Lola next? :p

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Cokotto Shop said...

my kids love cbeebies too..i am very glad that we unsubscribe astro and get c-beebies for our kids. just hope it is not 24 hours just until about 8 or 9 pm...the uk original c-beebies only airs until 6.45pm...which is good in my opnion..we missed the event...hopefully they come again to Malaysia this year..