Monday, August 27, 2012

Okinokiyo on Bella NTV7

Hi all, Welcome back to reality after Raya!
For those who didnt get to watch us on Bella before raya, here is the clip for you to see how the little towkay cannot sit still even she is live on TV haha!

Thank you for all the support and I will be back with more posts! And Thanks Bella for having us!


Soulie said...

alaa comelnyer model2 kecik sumer tuh hehehe. congrats mai

Ira said...

Ahahaha.. the kids are so lovely & cheerful, especially NASYA!! congrats Mai.. cantik u dalam tv (and luar tv too, ofcoz) ;)

Nurvv Nabihah said...

Hi, stumbled upon this blog when I googled for Mod Podge. Hehe. Congrats dear. You, the kids, and the host are gorgeous. So lovely!