Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick Update

I made another purchase to replace the lost of my parcel previously. OK, so lets pray that these can safely arrive at my that we can work on the new collection soon. Some people asked me, isn't it expensive to buy fabric from outside?Yes it is but then it is very hard to get those kind of pattern and the quality of the fabric also not the same. So I bet once they buy the okinokiyo brand they will know what I meant.

And I have yet to put all the links to this blog. The links I meant here are those craft blogs that I love to read and re-read. Yes I can re-read the craft blog for hundreds time.

I think Im gonna go now since I havent pack the nursery bag for my darling and stay tuned as I think Im gonna come out with a giveaway next week!

Happy crafting.

1 comment:

alamaya said...

waa.can't wait the giveaway tu.....nak masuk gakk