Monday, August 10, 2009

Book swap

I dont know if anybody out there would like to join book swap with me. Its good investing in books, but then I think, book swap is good too!

I dont have many in my library, but who knows after borrowing yours, I will add up more collections and hopefully we can make a great sewing network :p

Mine which I'm willing to let you borrow are :
1) Amy Butler - Little Stitches for Little Onesand few Cucito magazines..

2) Autumn 2008

3) Winter & Early Spring 2009

I have Anna Maria Horner's too but currently using it for my project. Later when I'm finished, will let you borrow as well..

Books Im looking for are :
Baby & Kids related like Ottobre AND those in my Amazon wish list in the sidebar ------>>>>>

Ok enuff of craps. Anybody interested??


Anonymous said...

i'd love 2 join. but my collection either novel or cooking/baking books. hehe..

alamaya said...

i want to join to...tapi takde la banyak buku..ada satu buku psal sewing bag....hihi..

okinokiyo said...

zam : sila la listkan boleh la i pilih2 haha
jannah : nak tengokk mana??

alamaya said...

mai nanti malam kita upload gamba baru je tadi 'terbeli' buku make your own sewing pattern rene bergh...hihi
beli online kat

Unaisah Azlan said...

ala, bestnye book swap, i sukeeee!!!
tapi i tak de lah buku yg dlm your list tu, and my book collection amatlah menyedihkan.

kalau swap ngan limu boleh, huhuhuh, cheh i konon pandai =P, i teringin nak tgk buku2 jepang you tu!

dMasyri said...

dayang ada 1 buku..

weekend sewing by heather ross

kalo bleh nk tukar dgn
Amy Butler - Little Stitches for Little Ones..

ni links utk tgk some projects from the book..

so berminat x?

okinokiyo said...

jannah : wah besnyee ur book baru tgk ur blog..u nak swap dgn yg mana?

unaisah : hahaha ala u dah pro..takyah buku2 nih...start from scratch jek

dayang : thats the book im looking for!! u nak the amy butler tu ke...can can..u email me yea,

alamaya said...

mai...ala..nak amy butler tu juga...huhu..tapi dayang dah cop ehh..takpe takpe..i amek yang lain..i nak yang Autumn 2008. cam best jek buku jepun ni....ok tak?

Anasfadilah said...

mai saya ada sew darn cute tu punya buku

saya nak swap dengan buku seams to me to boleh kah?

adikmanis said...

wah..bestnya. dah lama mencari2 org yg sudi wat book swap. boleh join ke?