Monday, August 24, 2009

A little update

I finished all the skirts and gonna upload the skirts by this week. The one which take so long is the 'taking picture time'. We (my husband and I) set the dressform, the skirts and the positions so many time because if the dressform position is ok, then the skirts didnt look nice.

It takes few hours to get the correct lighting, the correct shading, and at the same time we tried to distract the LO away from the camera-man.

Weekend was great. It was my birthday and we took the LO to the cinema for her first time. At first she said "No" because I said we are going to watch big TV. Who wanted to watch tv when you got to go outside running around :) but when she was inside, she was so excited smiling non stop and pointing at everything.

Stay tuned...

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