Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The missing me

Its been a while since the last time I write in this blog. Reason being is my LO was not well making me have no time to update regularly.

Anyway, during the missing, I received a book from Dayang which I havent had the time to pick it from Pos Malaysia Bangi, a charm packs that I bought from fatquartershop and buttons from Yoonie.

Aren't they delicious?

The charm packs are for me to do the table cloth for my mom. I have no experience at all so I thought just give it a try but then looking at marvelous samples here, I think, I need to go to a class at least learning the basic.

The buttons - I still have no idea. Because all the skirts, tops I sew do not need any button. But then, its not wrong to buy as many buttons as I want right? :p


dMasyri said...

hye mai..
dyg dh dpt gak buku tu
lupa nak bgtau..
bile baca entry ni baru teringat..

Deanna said...

Hi mai...bestnyerrr..the fabric lookss yummy..nak tanya mai how much is the charm pack + shipping ek if order from fatquartershop tu??anyway if u nk g class patchwork u can go to cottage patch infront of ampang point tu...the cost for beginner's class dlm rm200 jer..

Just me.....Shelly said...

hellO! cute blog!

thank you for visiting....the bag is big....about 20 inches across and tall....and the straps are super long too....may want to shorten them! hope that helps....have fun!

okinokiyo said...

dayang : haha nasib baik.baru nak tnya.

deanna : charm pack each (pack) is USD8.50,so dua is USD17 + USD 12 psotage. total is USD29. ha cuba darab...dlm lebih kurang RM120. yeah i nak register sabtu ni di situ! :)

Shelly : thanks for ur info!!

zurahimi muslim said...

dah agak lama ikut blog ni..mmg suka sangat..sebab saya pon minat sewing n kain2 yang cute itu tapi tak pernah cuba menjahit lagi huhu...tak reti..
btw, nak tanya..kain2 yang jual kat anna horner tu semua kain yang kecik2 ke? Boleh advisekan mana nak carik kain kalau nak buat baju dewasa?TQ!

okinokiyo said...

Hi Zura!

Kain tu ada jual dr kecik sampai besar2 punya...utk buat baju adult, boleh beli yg ikut yard.

Selalu I bought in etsy. And can request to buy more than 1yard. Sebab biasanya listing ialah harga dalam 1 yard.

1 yard lebih kurang 0.95m = USD8.

zurahimi muslim said...