Friday, August 14, 2009

Sewing hall?

This is my sewing area. Its in the living hall. Im using the dining chair to sew because I cannot find a perfect sewing chair for me yet.

I sold the previous table to a friend of mine and did some storage and furniture hunting last weekend. As expected and to my dissapointment, the white Vika Amon Ikea table was out of stock. And the black too! So I have no choice and picked the beige one to replace the old one.

Both have same colors, only differs in length and width. And I can put both machine in the table and no more yelling to my daughter when she tried to play with the serger.

See the dressform? Hopefully that will inspire me to sew more..And I think it did. I just finished sew a top for my LO while she was sleeping just now..

This afternoon, I sent my serger for service because it needs one. And hopefully can comeback to me perfectly before Friday!


neeza said...

wah.. smart-smart.. kawasan yang selesa sungguh mengundang semangat yang berkobar-kobar untuk menjahit ;-)

Anonymous said...

luasnya rumah u mai. best2. on another note, almari putih sebelah meja tu cam menarik la plak.

okinokiyo said...

berkobar-kobar kalau atas meja tu neeza: bersih hahaha

zam :tak luas ok.tu ilusi optik jek. nnti time ok sket i snap gambar alamari tu..ada dah snap tapi mcm serabai