Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The almost one week silence and sorry...

I think Im neglecting this blog for quite some time. Not that I dont have any updates, I do have but then I dont have the time to snap any pictures now.

Im quite tight with the babies stuff. And in the middle of sewing those skirts, I noticed that I ran out the elastic band - the one in smaller size. So, it was around 2-3 am in the morning and the skirts now without the elastic band and they didnt look like skirts, just like piece of 'kain yg biasa' and not attractive. So Im praying tomorrow comes faster as I need to stocked up my stuff and to finished all the incomplete skirts.

And I was this close to cut one of the leopard printed fabric when I had a doubt. Doubt like will this look nice? Or should this fabric goes with that design? I dont like that kind of doubt because end up I will do nothing. So I was right I did nothing today except ironing some of the crumpled fabrics.

And I have 3 other sets of fabrics that still do not have matching fabrics. Understand what I mean here? As you can see most of the skirts I have in the shop are mix and match between 2 or 3 designs or colors.Whether the colors blends together or not, that comes to #2 in the list. I prefer that the colors didnt blend at all because I love contrast colors hehehe. But now I have these 3 sets of fabrics which I still do not have the matching fabrics. So Im stucked.

Im stucked to decide the colors and fabrics combination and Im tight up with the current project. So, that is the reason this blog being abandoned for quite sometime. Sorry. Really sorry.

I promise at least after the Eid, I got something to show. As I need my niece to try the ruffle bloomers I made for her. Yeah, that one, I got plenty..and baby skirts yummmy..

Its polka dots, sweet, and nice to have one(or two)...

Nite nite crafters!

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