Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New product : Little Chef

Munirah of TripletsPlusOne organized a baking session for kids. So she asked me if Im interested. Yes I am and I contribute kids apron in the session. When the day came, my daughter couldnt make it because she was sleeping due to lack of sleep the day before. So, I went there to pass her the aprons I made.

This was Nasya day before the baking session and she was quite tired keep on trying the apron :p And this was the incomplete version. See the needle at her chest?



I named this product "Little chef". When I put on her, she quickly said "Want to cook cake and porridge" She has this Ikea baking set and she loves to imitate myself cooking and baking in the kitchen. There also one time when I gave her a chance to make coffee for her dad and she was so proud of herself and running here and there happily telling everybody that she was smart and clever enough making coffee for her dad :D


nzh1979 said...

alallala..comelnye nasya ngan apron tu.. kalau auntie budak2 sure auntie order satu utk diri sendiri..ehehe :P

mai, zam slalu baca ur blog& i'm a silent reader b4.. slalu link dr yus & nad punya blog..ehehe

i admire ur work, kagum dgn cara mai develop ur business.. yelah semua women ada cita2 nak jadik SAHM @ WAHM bila ada keluarga sendiri :D

anyway good luck & all the best ;)

okinokiyo said...

zam : thanks for reading & commenting :p

ha tu suh pakai sambil pegang senduk tak nak..nak pegang kayu golf. belasah jek la sbb dr dia mengamuk2 hehe..

all the best to u too!

5577 said...

hi mai..
lovely!! i loike..
want this for nadhrah too..
how much issit yea?
can we choose which apron we want during the baking session? hehe..

okinokiyo said...

basically can..but then i belum upload in the web lagi..by next week totally can buy directly from the web..boleh x?

price is RM35 per apron..if with chef hat, price is different..but wait till the hat come out nnti i reveal price eh?


okinokiyo said...

but then masa baking session u pilih apa yg ada that time only :p

duatelur said...

alalala... cutenya...

SOHO Mama said...

I ada baca baking session ni kat Little Mama punya blog. Apron cantik2! BTW boleh buat apron utk BOYS tak? Around 7-9yo. Izzo suka tolong kat dapur, Amsyar pun boleh la but I think it can also be used during painting and such..kan?

okinokiyo said...

kak millie:happy to do for you and will inform once completed yeah2 blh guna masa painting n such too!