Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another dress for Nasya

Apart from the (incomplete) Itti Bitti Dress, I made this also. It looks easy but its not for me since I'm a totally fail in attaching the bias tape haha..It took me two days to complete this look-like-so- easy-dress.

And this dress suppose to be wore with an inner inside but she's a toddler and this is Malaysia so who/which toddler will wear an inner in this hot humid country? So since I forgot to make the neckline smaller, think I will just put a lace fabric at the neckline :p

I tried this on her yesterday and yeah look nice on her..but still need to put the lace fabric at the neckline..and yeah, I like A line dress because kids dont have any figure so A line dress is perfect for them and they can run wild with it.


See how lazy I am to change to coordinate thread color at the bottom of the dress? :p


I love this fabric..So am thinking to made some of the Little Chef apron with this fabric and maybe one bag or sun hat or......anything that cross my mind hehehe..


neeza said...

yup, fabric dia sangat cantik.. :-)

Zura said...

the fabric is super cute! love it!

fadillah said...

Suka sgt design fabrik tu..sangat comellsss..

Si Anggerik said...

aku skerk gak fabric dier. sgt cutee!

miss J said...

love the cute......