Monday, January 25, 2010

* Some updates *

I dont know what happen to me but then I find it hard to share so much here since so many people taking advantage on me. It so frustrated. I know that life is not fair but then, having a bit of humane feeling- is not that hard.

So, Ive been working on our new products. Hope to upload it by tonite if the internet connection is good. My husband has been helping me doing some photo editing and I need to line up few more items so that he can take picture of those.

Not that I dont want to take the photos but then he is my QC checker and keep rejecting my photos and asking me to use the semi DSLR camera which I dont know how to use. And even using the auto function, the photos still come out blur. :p

On the other note, valen-tine day and CNY is around the corner.I dont know whether I should make something which is love-related or red-color-related but then some people already come out with their products weeks before. Please check out because her CNY baskets are TDF. Or maybe I shuld say all her baskets. Seriously. I saw it with my two eyes people!! tomorrow will be my last day in KL. I will be away to my parents hometown until next Sunday. I will be posting Nasya's birthday dress..Its done but still thinking to make another one..ha ha ha


alamaya said...

mai..sabar ok....orang ni memang memacam..kekdg derang leh buat benda yang kita tak terpk pun.....
sabar ok..enjoy your holiday at your parents house....:)
cheer up babe..

Farah said...

Hey, cheer up!

I was in The Curve last weekend and purposely went into Tango Mango to check out your artwork.

Very neat sewing..sayang I tak de daughter..n'way don't give up and always stay strong, OK :)

Zura said...

Cheer up mai! Not sure what happened, but from reading your blog I know you jenis kuat semangat & very passionate about the craft. And your work is beautiful! You're one of not many very,very talented sewist and very good at mixing & matching colors/fabrics. Take it one day at a time & don't giveup. I really wanna see u @ craft market :)

Hugs to little Nasya!

okinokiyo said...

thanks all! u all made my day. :D

Anasfadilah said...

kak mai:: sta strong always!pergi bercuti dan tenangkan minda

okinokiyo said...

erni : haa tu la balik kg esok menenangkan fikiran :D

si kurus said...

hoo i understand how u may feel. i do feel the same sometime to some people. not point-pointing to anyone particular. they should know their boundaries and respect ppl. haih

p/s: we should never give up:)