Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its hot baby!

I uploaded the new products of Okinokiyo.

Suitable for boys n girls, toddler or baby and its reversible! Both sides can be used. No matter how is the weather - hot or drizzle , you need at least ONE hat.

It comes in 3 designs - Cloche (specially for girls), Round top sunhat and Flat top sunhat.

This is a custom made products, so please email me okinokiyo@gmail.com should you need to order it.

Please check here for fabrics of your choice.

For the good comments and supports in previous entry. Thanks a lot.

I love you all.


alamaya said...

wah mai...santekkkk..bravo..

Si Anggerik said...

kreatip sbb ko let ppl choose materials tru fb~gud2.

arifhayati said...


okinokiyo said...

jannah : thanks

rai : thanks kekekke

arif : nak tempah tak?

My Botang said...

very pretty.. nice combination!!

okinokiyo said...


sabrina said...

sunhat yg jean+corak yang 1st row tu ada lagi stok x? ingat nak beli utk afiq..comel la..:)
pls update me..