Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nasya's Birthday Dress

I am laughing while typing this entry because I heard my Nasya talks to her uncle - my bro. It was funny because she mixes her Malay and English words until my bro keeps asking what is this?What is that?Haa??What do you mean?

I am at my parents house. We had a birthday celebration in the evening. It was fun and damn tiring. I ate lots of cakes and cookies and ice cream and drink lots of ice eventho I got sore throat because the weather is so hot! We had lots of balloons, bubbles and water balloons too!It was F-U-N!

Speaking of birthday, I remember I mentioned in previous post that I want to show the birthday here it is...


The dress is bit too big for her, but I dont make another replacement. Just let her wear it. Its suppose to have kind of elastic thread at the bottom but I like it this way.

I dont know why..I think I am not that good in selecting floral fabric. Its hard to find myself adoring the floral fabric I bought.I may not good as Zura where I found all her floral fabrics gorgeous. Why?Because I think the dress didnt turn out well..I dont know..Is it because of the design?Or the print?

Ok so what do you think? I will post another pic when she was wearing it during her bash. And she will be having another bash on the birthday date itself on 9th Feb at her nursery. Yeah, this is an advance birthday bash for her hehehehe...


Zura said...

Mai, I think this Heather Bailey print is one of her most beautiful. I saw it once as a girl's dress on etsy, cantik sangat terus I beli kain ni. And this birthday dress is no exception. It is gorgeous to me! Perhaps it is not a kiddie print, but the colours suit pretty girl Nasya. You did a great job sewing the dress!

Happy Birthday to Nasya! :)

okinokiyo said...

Zura : thanks for the words Zura! :D

sabrina said...

mai..cantik..i like..bestnya kalau ada anak gegirl..hi3..bila nak buat kemeja boboy lak? :)