Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love Bazaar *this will be a sticky entry for 1 week*

Hello Peeps,

I will be at I love Bazaar flea market - at Subang Parade on 27 March 2010 - Saturday ONLY.

But no, Im not selling the kiddos clothes. Im selling new items under my brand new brand : MYtinyROOM

Basically MYtinyROOM is selling home decor items for kids room. Im working on with so many things where the main items are the cute plush pillows. I have lots of them during the bazaar. So please drop by and say hi!

Im not sure what else will be there *wink wink* :p so datanglah!!

Its at level 1, in front of Celebrity Fitness, and near the Tumble Tots, Surau & Toys R Us. Sample of item is as below.

This is Singing Piano, my daughter loves this so much as much as I do.

And good news is......

Ok I need to go now..See you there!


yulies said...

mai, good luck! btw cantik gile pillow tu. mcm kat mall2 besar. ko sewing kemasss je skang ni..

Anonymous said...

eeyyyy....brp byk kena bwk duit ni????

okinokiyo said...

yulie : thanksss :)

zam : hahaha ala mesin atm ada kat ground floor situ yehh?

Anonymous said...

i hope i can make it! if i do, see u there~~~!

be~bored said...

wish to be there..
i loove pillows.cushions.
tggalkn ckit utk on9 shopping bley tk?