Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New fabric added to the FB album and a LOVEly dress

Holla angels,

I havent say hi to you guys for this week. What a bad person I am :(. Truth is I am so busy, sorry people..Really am sorry.

Anyways, Im adding new fabric selection in the FB album so you can browse there as well. Since I got lots of aprons & sunhats orders, these are some of the fabric I think nice and suit well for the aprons & sunhats and dresses too!

I cannot tahan myself from buying the cream version of Nasya's birthday dress. Its just sooo nice.
I have no stock for Colorful Geometri and Alien Nation fabric anymore, so please hurry choose your fabric. Because I may not bring the same fabric again - but different colors, maybe.

And Im contemplating to bring more cupcakes fabric for aprons..So to those who wants the cupcakes, bagels, ice creams printed apron, do shoot me an email ok? So I can make my decision really FAST.

Ohh btw I made a dress for Nasya last week. Purpose to wear during the hot air balloon fiesta, but we didnt go. So end up she wore this to the Jusco for our weekly groceries shopping.

Its purple and LOVEly with the yoyo flower on her chest..

Bye..till we meet again in the next post.

1 comment:

d u r a said...

i looovee your choice of fabrics
and the dress looks super cute on Nasya!