Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello Wednesday!

I made two dresses last nite for Nasya. But Im still thinking whether to sell one of them or not. Nasya hardly wears dresses or skirts. Usually one of the weekend I put her on jeans, but since she is on diaper free mode for almost two months now (day) and 3 days (nite), I think its easy to wear dresses and skirts so when the emergency time comes, she do not have to take off so many things to do the business :p

So, last week, shes wearing her purple heart printed dress when she spill the water she's drinking. I let her to the ladies and changed her to another dress which happen too short for her. So I know, I must make a few more dresses for her for our weekend outing so that I have something to post in the "What Nasya wears this week".

This is the dress and the messy hair she had. I took this picture and post it to the OkinokiyoShop twitter. Later after that, I chopped her hair super short and now she looks so chubby. Its purple pink dresses. Wait till weekend, I will show the whole dresses.. :)

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