Monday, April 19, 2010

Batik tie & dye dresses

Weekend was great. I went back to my in laws' house and spent the time with family and little kids. Nasya was happy because now she got more cousins to play with. Only that she became to dangerous for them, and kept jumping around showing everybody that she is now in charge.

These are the dress I made last week. So finally both are for Nasya :p Initially planned to make only one for her - the pink butterfly. Since this is batik like fabric, it is very airy and so suitable for Malaysia hot climate.

The batik like fabric is so light and beautiful. Not like others batik printed, this one more like tie & die technique and the color combination for me is so fresh. I have another one in pink base with mixture of yellow and purple.

batik-purple peasant dress

This is another fabric, a purple square printed image. I mix and match the 2 fabrics actually and make them to 2 different dress, using the same pattern.

So that were Nasya's look during the weekend. This dress is sold at OkinokiyoShop as well. Drop me an email for price and fabric of your choice. And yes, I uploaded some new fabrics last nite, while stock last yeah?

xoxo, M

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fadillah said...

comelnya...kalau la aku budak kecik lagi..hahahah