Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last week was so tiring. And Im breathing as a normal person now :p...Thank GOD for the non-stop rezeki. Im so blessed.

Anyway, Im not sure if I have mentioned that I went for a photoshoot with a talented photographer of LittleStori, Milin. I dont know how to express my happiness and satisfaction here, but by looking at the picture below, you should know how I feel now. Happy because the picture turned out so great and it really enhanced the beauty of what Nasya's wearing. You can compared it with the picture I took from the Eclipse Inspired entry ha ha..

And guess what, Nasya is not the star of the day eventho she was so talkative and so busy body as if she was the star. The star of the day was Alyn, KC's daughter! What? You dont know KC? Then you should check out LittleBIGShots website...

Both A&A were there and Nasya was so excited and couldnt stop talking, running, playing, dancing, eating non stop..What a fun picnic we had!



Taken by Milin



Taken by KC

Beautiful isnt it? Im happy!



Zura said...

Such beautiful photos! The girls look super happy too :)

d u r a said...

beautiful pictures & gorgeous models you have there, mai :)

ceri said...

Cantek seh..
macam anak mat saleh pon ade..
stylo habes..
Gongrats Kak Mai..happy with your achievement..

SyahNur said...

waahhhh... mmg sgt cantek!!! all the best for okinokiyo!

Jua Zulkef said...

all the best mai. perfect 10 stars.

mar!ahaf!z said...

wow.. :)

the girls r beautiful..

YusVogue said...

Cantiknya!!! That sun hat is super cute! Harus tempah, tapi kena tunggu Theera besar la, baru cun ;)

Congrats mai, with the beautiful job done!