Thursday, July 1, 2010

Subang Parade AGAIN

Hello crafters!

I am so so so so busy with sunhats and zipper bags and dresses these few days. Just right after the bazaar last weekend, I received a lot of sunhats orders. Might be after Shilashower made a blog entry about the sunhats.

I think last week was dresses marathon and this week is sunhats marathon. So please bear with me with lack of blog entries. I am too occupied with these orders.

I came out with a pouch - a drawstring pouch as usual with colorful fabric. I didnt take any pictures of that item, but if you drop by, then you will see it and I also didnt make much because I find most of my time is busy cutting sunhats...

So this week....I have one new dress..A Pinafore. A wrap pinafore which I planned to snap the picture last nite, but I didnt because the photographer (my husband :p) coming back late from work. So maybe tonite, I will try to share with you the pinafore...

A one new item will be in the bazaar this weekend. SO that is why I find hard to blog and chat too much here. I wish I have more time.

Hope to see you there. For those who drop by last week. Thanks and nice meeting you. Those who have nothing to do this weekend, come on drop by

Subang Parade, 11am-9pm, Saturday & Sunday.

See you there!



m i t ch K a said...

Finally I meet you personally today..
I went to ur booth today wid my hubby and lil kid...
Nice meeting you finally.. REally2 loving your work!
An inspiration indeed!


okinokiyo said...

Hi Ct,
Wahhh I saw your knit project..besnyeee...banyaknye u make!! bravo to yourself..nice meeting you too!! :)