Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Nasya wears

Hello crafters,

I am right now freaking out because I am not that ready for this weekend's bazaar. Why? Because I feel like I have a mind blocked. This mind blocking thingy is blocking anything that I do. And everything that I did, turned to be scraps :p So everything went to the scrap bag. Can you imagine how much waste I made. Dont imagine that. Its so unbelievable...

Anyway, last weekend was a bit productive for me. I made few things for lil Nasya. So here they are...

Ruffles Pants
Its a 3/4 pants with ruffles and made from soft denim fabric which I've been keeping almost 2 years :) So, I was cleaning the box, and I thought, why not make something from this for Nasya. So a simple pants that is.

The picture was taken early morning when we were ready to hit the supplier's shops. Hehehe yes, I dragged Nasya along, so that she was exposed to the how mummy dig money environment hahaha..but in the middle of the day, she was asking for school with slides and friends but I bribed her with her aunties' rabbits. It was a long day until I got headache because too much standing under the sun :p I went with my 2 other sisters and they were helpful to entertain Nasya.

And yes, she carried her bag along throughout the trips..

Tshirt Dress
This was last weekend. We were supposed to hit Sunway Lagoon for a splash with my siblings since my elder sister was here, but then few days earlier, Nasya was on slight fever and demand for longer sleeps and early nap. So I decided to cancel the splash time instead we went for movie..

The peace shirt was from FOS, and from the boy's section. I love anything with peace sign, and been keeping the shirt for quite sometime. Finally I had the time to refashioned it and it only took merely less than half and hour.

The tutorial I was referring is from here. I made the length as in the guides and width is Ax2 only. It was super duper easy. Going to make more in the future.

Toy Story 3 was awesome where I cried towards the end. And Nasya was holding the popcorn all the times and telling me to eat it only at HOME! Hahaha..

Ok here is some glimpse of how Nasya plays with her dolls. They were having their nap by the beach or what? I dont know :) The dolls somehow I think like the doll in the Toy Story 3 movie, dont you think? It was a gift from my mom for Nasya's 2nd birthday. The teddy was Nasya's first teddy I bought when she was few months old.

Ok, I cant help to post this one! Haha..Taken by my sister during our business outing..and now its my current wallpaper.

You, have a nice day!



Zura said...

Cantik nya both mom and daughter, such sweet pictures! I LOVE that t-shirt dress Mai! So cute!

okinokiyo said...

zura : the dress shirt is a must have. so easy! and thanks for the mommy & daughter compliment :p

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

i love the dress shirt .. especially the peace sign on it !! so cool .. and i think if you put flowery fabrics to it it ll look more hippies !!! mcm flower power gitu...


dwimaya said...

i like all three of them that u just uploaded in fb (pants, tshirt dress and skirt)..

bestnye dpt buat mcm2 utk anak sendiri.. self satisfaction, priceless!

nice pic of both of u.. yg last tu..

ermm anyway mind if i ask you, what happened to ur other blog?

g'luck for ur bazar this weekend :)

okinokiyo said...

anique : haa i kan takder floral fabric sgt..hehe kalau tak jadikla flower power kan?

dwimaya : the other blog has been closed completely. thanks for the 'luck'

dwimaya said...

mai, thanks for informing..

alaa, i rasa the better well-wish is enjoy ur bazaar instead of luck kot? ;)

have fun playing shop there. i selalu takde rezeki to pay u a visit there. whenever u ada bazaar, mesti clashes dgn other activities.

nanti ada lagi kan? harap2 dpt chance to go to your bazaar.. i have a few items on mind for iman..

:) all d best, k?