Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big bow dress (NOT)

I made this dress months before raya, I cant remember when actually. But I think it is too simple. It is a A line dress. So I didnt put it on Nasya yet because I think I want to put something to embellish it.

So day before yesterday, I make a big bow to put at the chest. It is a removable bow.

Look pretty huh?

yawn yawn..have to follow mommy to post office

However, this little girl didnt like the bow, and I need to take it out. And she live happily ever after. So do you know who rules the Okinokiyo's world? :p


ween said...

the dress is beautiful enough without the bow.

sometime, less is more :)

d u r a said...

love the dress,with the big bow. but, my DD pun sama mcm nasya jugak. tak suka dress yang ada big bow huhu..
p/s:love the fabric prints too..

okinokiyo said...

ween: heheh betul but that dress I think not like A line dress, more like H line dress haha..anyway thanks :)

dura: tu la, so I will buat dress without embellishment lah kan? Sebab demanding ni budak dah pandai ni :p