Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Nasya wears - Hot pink dress

I was looking for some other fabric I store long time ago in the storage when I saw THIS fabric. So, since its HOT PINK, why not I make a dress for her. Lucky her, no?

You have to bear with me because most of the pictures I took are when we are in the elevator hehehe, hence the overexposed light.

So guess what is this HOT PINK fabric? Its a poly cotton, I got, or should I said, my husband got from one of kenduri we went.

Hello, I like PINK. Do you like PINK?


Do you think my husband want to wear it? No he wont. Because its too pink! We got it 2 years ago when I dont know how to sew and I was so naive. I was thinking to give away this kain to somebody else but now when I found this fabric back, I quickly take it and cut it out. Hehehe. And she claimed that hers because of the color, obviously.

Too pink for me, for him but not for her

But its not bad at all. I like plaids as much as I like polka dots. And thank god the fabric is big. I have some ideas to make with the left overs. I think I still have one meter of the fabric to do some new projects.

I use Robert Kaufman's purple batik fabric to make the sleeves. She wears this dress to follow me to the post office to post some orders. Since daddy is not around, I usually take some time together outside with her. She actually demanded to go to the indoor playground but I am so occupied so we settled for some new books and doughnut.

I hope you readers wont get bored of too much blog entries yeah? :p

Have a nice day!


sisdee said...

wah mai canteknya..mmg byk gle pn kain pelekat sarung asbn x dgunakan coz ada jek reasn dia x nk huhu..

okinokiyo said...

kak dayah : harusss..sama la, ayahNasya ni ha ada 3 jek yg dia nak pakai. lain2 tu takder makna nye. so sama ada kasik org or recycle!! hahaha kain plak jenis soft so mmg best lah

Little Parade said...

salam. hi!

am interested with this pelekat dress ;)

please let me know the details, ok?


lott said...

stumbled upon your blog from yanie's. i'm inspired. i've been searching for WAHM alike whom i can relate to, even for knowledge sharing. keep up the good work girl. and as for me, i need to dream big, is that right?