Sunday, September 19, 2010

Craft space : Part 1

I never show how I store and organize my craft stuff because I never did :p. But the other day, my elder sister is coming over our house to visit us during this festive season, so I need to do something to my space.

I was so busy actually because I already in my working mode - meaning fabric here and there. So I paused for one day and did some cleaning which is still half way done.

I bought a white Ikea LACK bookcase sometimes last year the moment I think I seriously need a space to store my stuff. This bookcase is good because it is simple, meaning I can organize it as creative as I can on the shelves.

See, simple huh?

These are some ideas how people organized their stuff using the LACK bookcase. All pictures are googled.

Since I am not ready to show the other 2 bottom shelves, I showed the 2 upper shelves :p . Basically I store books, patterns (folded), the stationery, embellishments, buttons, etc on the 2 upper shelves.
This is the upper shelves. I use old jars as well as Ikea spices jars to store buttons. I separate the buttons based on sizes. Some labels are put in the plastic canister also I got from Ikea. Lately I work a lot with lace *hint hint* so I have some of the laces in the cans (also from Ikea). They are colorful and when I bought them, I dont know what to put inside, later I know they are so useful to store all my little and beautiful craft items :).

Books I have are mostly Cucitos, Cotton Friends and some Japanese books. I am a bit slow with English patterns, because I hate reading instructions, unless for recipe. I am into diagrams and pictures when it comes to sewing.

The top pink book with elastic is my precious book. Inside I store all my sewing secrets ha ha ha.

The 2nd shelves is an easily accessible shelves where I put all the items I use everyday. Pens, paper scissors and some is my daughter's stuff like the ribbon headband I got from old blossom box store. Do you know when you venture into business, calculator is your best friend? :p

I think thats all I can share at the moment. And I will find some time to snap the bottom 2 shelves. That are the space where I store fabrics :p but Im not really sure whether to share my fabric or not because I dont have many as Zura has hehehehe.

Ok, I have something to do with my lil girl. Will share it here later. Bye :)


Zura said...

hehehe...banyak sampai selalu rasa guilty, I hoarded fabrics dah nak masuk 5 tahun and now can't sew fast enough to deplete the stash..seriously gotta stop buying fabric. Love the LACK Bookcase Mai, my stash still stuffed inside cheapo closet, no more $$ to buy Ikea cabinets LOL!

Anonymous said...

we went to ikea gak recently cos biz is picking up and i obviously need more space to store stocks. skrg either kat dapur or kat store. plus, suma makan stuff so should have proper place for storage.

nak beli rak besi tu igt but out of stock plak. sabar jek la...bila semgt ada, brg lak xde.

okinokiyo said...

zura : takpe, biar cheapo closet, tpi isik2 yg menarik. envy ur fabric!! :p

zam : eh u can store like chef at home tu kan? u beli the wood shelves lah. tapi taktau apa nama nye I used mine to store brg2 mcm detergent, toothpaste etc. yg RM69 tu. now im thinking to get like storage yg with roller, so i nak brg sng main tarik2 jek. tpi i dah ada satu hahaha..

Anasfadilah said...

nanti show the whole bookcase bila ready ye!heheh

p/s:suka tengok org punya crative space,kasi semangat :D

okinokiyo said...

dila : ok nnti dah terurus, insyaAllah I will share :)