Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kitchen Island as a craft/cutting table

So I was at Ikea this afternoon till evening and I got the chance to have a look. Specifically for tables & sofas. Which I was still wondering why we were looking for sofas when the initial plan was different? :p

And I think, I will settled for this kitchen island as my work table...A Stenstorp kitchen island! I was looking for some ideas before going to Ikea and inspired at Posie's new craft room and thought of getting a Varde Kitchen Island, but that island is not available in Ikea Malaysia, so there are 2-3 kitchen Island that can be considered. One is to small, another is too short and this one is just nice.

Source : Clarks

Source : litlnemo

What makes me still in thinking mode is the price - it costs RM1500++ just for that. And the color is in beige. It is simple, with shelves and has a tough, sturdy and thick top. My husband likes beige and I like white. Since its gonna be in my room, maybe I will paint it white. I like the rough texture of the top tho. But lets see if it still fits my budget :p

~Still calculating....~

p/s- Business still as usual yeah? I still work late at nite this few days to settle with all the orders. Just shoot your emails ok?


Shafri said...

maybe u can consider just mix and match from ikea item to make craft table. i planning to buy 2 EXPEDIT shelving unit (79x79cm)as a storage/leg for the table and VIKA FURUSKOG table top (all cost about rm600) when i get my own home. i just bowsing to to get some idea. maybe u can to..

okinokiyo said...

Hello Shafri, I dont know ada vika Furuskog, if I got time nnti I will see the table top. Coz my current Vika table top dah melengkung due to weight of 2 sewing machines. Thats the reason...

Thanks yeah? I surfed Ikea hack a lot too..

shambie adzhan said...

hi mai.. mungkin boleh tengok dekat sini..

saya pun tengah cari storage utk craft room. tapi dekat terengganu mana ada kedai perabot macam ikea.
nak datang beli kat ikea jauh sgt pulak.. haha!

SOHO Mama said...

All I can say is..I want Posie Gets Cozy's house!!!!

Shafri said...

oo ic, then u can beli worktop for kitchen. maybe around rm300, tu kena check kat ikealah. numerar or lagan. i think still not coz over 1000