Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I was missing this few days due to some personal commitments. :)

We are moving to a new house..and we have so many things to settle. At first I thought we may not moving this soon so I take things slow. Very slow. In fact, we dont even have time to look for furniture, appliances and all at all. We dont have the time. Weekends either I was busy looking for stuff to topup for our businesses or do some daughter-son commitments to our families.

So, last week was the time when we finally said, lets go and look for something. We went to Macy, Serdang with no idea what to search for. Dining set? Curtains? Don't know. We just went there to see. So we saw some things that we like, but due to not much survey being done, we didn't buy a thing. Plus, we don't think that buying anything at the moment is a great idea since there is no grill installed at the new house yet.

However, yesterday my husband took a day leave. So he forced me to follow him to meet all the person incharge n grills, alarm system and etc. I was so tired of one day full going here and there, until I feel like vomitting and I slept early last night. At 10.30pm. Soo not me! :)

Finally we made the decision that maybe we are moving into the new house in February-March or maybe earlier, end of January. So many things need to do on top running our business as usual. Today, I will send my daughter to her usual drawing class and maybe I may do a tour and a real look at Ikea, see if anything there meet my dream craft room.

Ahh yes, that's the most important thing right? Coz, if there is no internet connection yet, no proper room for me to work, I don't want to move there. I need all those so that there is no business interruptions.

Nasya was so messed. Sweating and so dirty after playing in the new house, excited to flush all the toilets and this was when we stopped for lunch. She only slept at 6. Her nap totally went haywire, but she managed to sleep early last nite.

Now I need to do some budget on how to make my dream craft room. Some things I need are - pegboard, shelves, lights and tables. I feel like selling my LACK. Anybody interested?

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