Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outing with Yumyumx

Haha I dont know what is the suitable title shud I put here....Anyways, I went to see Yam today. For the first time...all this while, I just went to her house, send my fabric and she will help me sew. But today, after putting aside some commitments, we went out for talk, lunch and ice cream!

Nasya wore LBB dress and Ayra wore a long sleeve made by her mommy! Nasya and Ayra shared ice cream but at last Nasya didnt want it hehe. Cute huh?

Mine, Cookie dough & Caramel with Tim tam topping and...mars I think...Cant remember.

Later, Yam & Ayra went to our messy unorganized house to pick up some fabric and patterns..

Then, I rushed to pick my husband and we went to do some touch up at our apartment. We rented the apartment to an Iraqis family. And this is Nasya with her white necklace, Zam... :p

Thats how she wears it.


missbby said...

comelnya nasya pakai necklace kain tuh..:)

Anonymous said...

Agak2 habis bergaya la tu kan. Btw, nasya pn simpan rambut pjg ke?

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

missbby : sometimes mcm sakai

zam : fashion victim! takla simpan, nak ptg jek rasanya, tp dia yg tak nak. so, kene ikat, kalau tak, messy sangat rupanya