Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slow and steady (NOT!)

So, yeah, we moved to the new house last Friday and frankly speaking, I like the new house. Only that, its too big for 3 of us.

But this big house, cannot afford to store all of our stuff. The business stuff I mean. Anyways, we, or I, still find the best way to rearrange the furniture, stocks and etc in my craft & the filing room, in the kitchen, in each of the rooms, except Nasya's room and the guest room upstairs. :D

Most of you told me to be slow and steady in unpacking, but I really cant you know. Why? Coz I got datelines to meet!! Panic mode! And to adjust myself in the new craft room is so hard. I think that I need a proper chair to sew. Last time I used the dining chair and the serger was next to me. Now, the serger is behind me and I do think I need a chair with rollers. Do you use roller chairs? I know Neeza has one.

We're going to Ikea this Saturday to get some shelves, racks and see if Ikea has a budget roller chair for me, for the time being. Or, anybody has a roller chair and you hate it, you can let me know, I will give you some of my scraps as an exchange...Speaking of which, I didnt realise that I got 2.5 boxes of scraps. It is a PAIN. Pain to see they just sit in the box without being used, and I have this love hate relationship with them. SOOO, I decided to sell them. You can come to my house and get it for yourself, and pay it on the dot. I will just use timbang kati mode based on the size...I just need to let them go..But bear in mind, they are all American cotton, so they dont cost RM5 for one big box okay?

So, email me, for those who wanted to come and get it yourself or those who wanted me to post, let me know what you want to make, so I have an idea, how big/small the scraps you need.


Call me Mai, okay?

The memories we left behind...

We still keep the red sofa, but the green wall..sob sob sob

The last day I made a visit. Super spanking shiny for a new tenant. Hope they take care of the furniture we left.

Hello NEW messy room!


Anonymous said...

apa menda benda putih tergantung kt dinding rumah lama tu?

btw, i like your new messy room tu. it's messy but it tells ppl of who u are and what u do for living. kan kan?

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

Zam, omg, im reading this at 1am and jadik takut plak.
Then bila tgk balik I LOL..

That was a kain yg stretchable, nasya tied it and pretend it like a necklace. And we removed a frame there, and she hung that "necklace" marking her territory..

Haa pjg tak citer?

Anasfadilah said...

saya pun guna kerusi ada rollers,senang ulang alik dari meja jahit,ke iron board,ke meja pc kat belakang..hahhaha!

i bought it at ikea,warna pink,masatu RM49 la ni dah 59 kot tak silap..

bayangkan bawak balik kerusi dari kl ke peanng...hahahah XD

love ur new messy room!

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

Dila : hahah why all ppl like the messy room?

Anonymous said...

eh bila i bc soalan i tu pn, tetiba rs seram. cam nmpk benda lain plak kt dlm gmbr tu. hahaha....

btw, dia mark territory sblm tglkan rumah tu yek? lawak2. creative jek.

nickila said...

congrats mai on your new home sweet home!dekat la rumah kite nanti hehe