Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Markets June 2011 @JayaOne,PJ

Markets JayaOne went well. Despite of tired keep on standing for few hours, it was fun. I met lots of return customers, new customers and big customers (read : not mothers but adult!), celebrities and top bloggers!

Crowd was so BIG around 2pm onwards and I started sweating like hell. Nasya and her dad left around 11 and left me alone tending the booth.

As usual, I brought HATS (the main item) and lots of crowns this time around. Few baju kurung that I want to clear off, skirts and ruffles pants. Ira as usual contribute her chalk mats, and this time around, Yam put her booties at my booth. Syap, my Uni mate made cupcakes and brownies and sample macarons but she came around noon like that. So to those coming in the morning, you might missed that yummy food! Sorry...

Tweeting live to give some updates to the rest of the world who missed the event. Follow me at

Super early, after setting up.

A returned customer showing their hats - bought from me before in the previous market. I remember them! And they bought the new one, a newsboy hat with Matroshykan print. That print somehow is hard to find and lucky them to have it.

Then, there were 2 ladies came, asking if they can take Nasya's photo for a newspaper, which I forgot to ask which paper. And that little girl suddenly didnt know how to smile. She almost cried! LOL

When I was busy entertaining customers, somebody felt neglected and sat across the booth. Sad :p

A princess came over too! Pretty dress she wore right?

And her sister! Behind is Cyres and her dad!

Overall it was a fun event. What I love most is I got to meet my customers on that day. Even tho I have hard time to remember names, but I do remember who buy what. Thanks to those who came, talked, chatted and bought things from me. Really appreciate it! Dont forget to claim 10% disc from your next purchase yeah?

And there will be next Markets on 20th August. Guess what Im bringing? Limited edition baju kurung - one piece, one design.

So, do come (even tho its fasting month!)

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