Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011!

Ok, so Markets 2011 passed already, so lets talk Urbanscapes!

I copy & paste from the website itself.

What is Urbanscapes?
Urbanscapes is organised by KLue and is the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. Urbanscapes aims to bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, lifestyle, film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene.

Is Urbanscapes a two-day event?
No, Urbanscapes is only a ONE-day event. It runs from 12pm to 12am.

Is Urbanscapes free?
No, Urbanscapes is not a free festival. You will need a ticket if you want to access the festival grounds.

There are lots of FAQ you can read there..

Anyway, after almost 3 years making hats, I think this event is the right time to challenge myself making hats for adult! I do take adult hats orders when I was free, but I feel guilty for not doing it officially. So now is the TIME.

So, during this Urbanscapes, I will be selling adult HATS! Officially launching during this event. To get to be a vendor is quite challenging. Tell me, how can a kids clothing brand (read:me/okinokiyo) logically can be a vendor? Its somehow impossible, but because I think maybe this is the right time, *even i myself do not know when is the right time* and the organizer gave the green light for Okinokiyo being a vendor to sell adult hats and I truly appreciate the trust & chance.

Im a bit confuse myself whether to come out with another brand or not, but let the time tell...if it went well, then there will be a new brand under Okinokiyo for this adult hat.

So, to those who keep asking me whether I do make hats for adults, yes, do come during the Urbanscapes, and I will sell them at introduction price. Best thing is, you will get 10% discount when you buy again at the second time - kids hats/kids baju kurung/apron/dresses/etc under Okinokiyo brand.

Why hats?
Why not? but as introduction, I will stick to few designs. And best thing is, one design each prints.

Designer prints?
Yes/no. Im not sure. Do you feel embarrassed wearing something child like prints? I dont. But somebody else maybe. So, Im not sure. Im still in the testing phase. Cut few fabrics anyway, and see how it goes. But still, one print, one design, and one design is not the same as the other. Very personal and unique.

Yes & no.

Ladies & Men?
Yes & no. :)

Since this is an adult, teenagers event, Im sure, those who love art, music, creative industries, should drop by. Parents, Im not sure kids are ok to come or not. Better go ask around to those who used to come as this is a yearly event. I know its gonna be a HOT day. So, feel free to come and buy my hats :D

Not only me, Chic Pop bazaars will be there. Vendors like Old Blossom Box, Mimpi Murni, Zikkos will be there too.

Some from Crafty bazaars will be there too, those who I know are : Kindersoaps, Fabric Fanatics, who else? And I will be sharing booth with Tini - Snazzy n Such :D

But until now, Im still contemplating to bring the kids stuff. YOU, tell me! :)

When : 16 JULY 2011
What time : 12pm - 12midnite


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