Friday, July 15, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day - URBANSCAPES 2011

As of now, Im all done with all my stuff.

Hats - checked
Brooches - checked
Zipper bags - checked
Headbands - checked
Scrunchies - checked

What pending is the packing. And lil bits of signage and labelling. Here is the sneak peak of the goodies Im selling tomorrow,

Brooches (Each of them sold separately)
Urbanscapes brooch

Linen zipper bags (Each of them sold separately)
Urbanscapes Linen zipper bag

Urbanscapes Headbands
There are so many Urbanscapes updates that make me nervous. Like. Hell. Seems that they are all ready to rock! So, lets pretend Im ready too! :) So FYI, Im sharing a booth with Tini Snazzy&Such. She will brings her embroidery machine, so you can custom your tote bags. Cool huh?? So do come okay?

For those are new to Urbanscapes (errr including me ^_^#) this is the tips on how to survive Urbanscapes.


So here is the layout, roughly about where are we located at the Padang Astaka. Our (Okinokiyo & Snazzy & Such) booth #67, located at the very end of the Entrace #2. Near the CIMB Truck. So, easy to remember right? And next to us, mostly are the Crafty vendors.

What you can find at Urbanscapes?
Ok the one I've been waiting for is the line ups...Excited!

Now, here is the overall map of the Padang Astaka. Click to enlarge.

No outside food eh? Buy inside... :D

Ok, Im trying to do some last minutes goodies, see if I managed to do it ;p

See ya!

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Siti Fatimah said...

Good Luck Mai : Yes u can do it!!!