Monday, July 18, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011 - Finally its over

Thank god finally its over! Urbanscapes I mean. We reached there around 9.40 and quickly unload our stuff.

Early morning was a bit windy with little bits of drizzles but after noon was so HOT HOT HOT I cant even open my eyes. I shared a booth with Tini of Snazzy & Such and we had a great time together. Paul was there too *untuk memeriahkan majlis* Love when he was around actually! I made headbands, zipper bags, hats and little knick knacks, Tini made canvas bags where you can custom it on the spot. I dunno why I didnt buy one from her coz I know I just need lots of bags!

Next to us was absoluteEmmy's stalls and next to her was 8tv quickie booth! OMG so happening where the 8team running chasing ppl distributing phamplets like mad. Later around noon - 2pm, Henry Golding was there, and crowd so big in front of their booth! And the showdown winner, who ah? I didnt watch, did some dance in front of it. They also thought the 8tv quickie hosts how to dance...step by step. Hillarious!

Crowd was A LOT, we were thristy, and I was hungry and sleepy. We didnt get enough sleep. Tini didnt sleep at all the nite before. I was sleepy coz I need my dose of caffeine and didnt know which stalls sell coffee. But I had 2 time The Last Polka Ice cream - Horlicks & Salted Gula Melaka, had a taste of Paul's Kaffir Lime Coconut ice cream, The Last Slice cookie, which is so big & delish and the famous macarons.

Paul managed to get Reza Salleh cd, his signature and picture, watched he performed. I was planning to watch Lab The Rat but forgot until I heard they sang their last lyrics when I was looking for cold drinks at 6!

I managed to walk and have a peek at few other booths - Mimpi Murni, Button my Buttons, and Old Blossom Box and not missing my favourites - Love and Craft, Kindersoaps and Angelicquirk.

All in all we had much fun, selling and walking & people watching!

That was the nite when my daughter was allowed to sleep so late, at midnite!

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