Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hong Kong trip

We usually bring the hat along whenever we go. So, this year for our annual trip, we went to Hong Kong. It was on my birthday, but the main agenda is Disneyland for Nasya. How odd is that?

But I always wanted to bring her to Disneyland, so I am satisfied with this year holiday as we can see how happy she was during the whole trip. It was a 5d4n trip and we need more days! Spent 3 days in Disneyland itself and 3 days in Kowloon but we need more.

Disneyland was superb. Halal food is there in the park itself, and because we stayed in the nearby hotel, it makes us easy to go back to refresh and pray. Weather was nice, a bit gloomy and it was even raining on the 2nd day 6AM but it stopped 2 hours after that.

Nasya loves the classic merry go round in the Fantasyland, the high parachute in the Toy Story land, but I think she enjoyed the Mickey Phillarmagic and The Golden Mickey Shows. Oh wait, I think she loved all the shows and I personally loved the Lion King show, but I think Winne The Pooh Adventure was not worth queuing. Maybe because she knows the story already, and it was a quick one.

After Disneyland, we went to Kowloon. Stayed in the hotel there and we took a stroll at night at the famous Avenue of Stars. And we went to Sham Shui Po the next morning for some fabric hunting. According to Ira, it was fab, yes, it was. But I think my timing is not right. It was raining (again) that morning, so most of the stalls/shops opened a bit late. And because we are going back the next day, most of the fabric that I want is not available on the spot. They had to order it first within 5-7 days. So sad!

Mostly the style here is they displayed the swatches in front and in the shop and we can just tell them, how many meters we want for that certain fabric. The swatches there were free to grab. Other than fabrics, you can find laces, buttons, accessories, felt, leathers too. I bought some ribbons and trims and one fabric that I think I couldn't find it here :)

Overall it was a short trip, but meaningful to 3 of us. Gonna make another visit, for sure!

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