Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The sights that I love to see.

This was after lunching outside while waiting my husband to pay, in front of where we parked our car. We had to stay a bit further, due to some smokers nearby.

This is a normal view. All of us will just simply sit on the floor and read for hours.

Monday, November 4, 2013


We are in Kuching following the mister for his training. Since myself and Nasya never been to Kuching, so we tagged along.

First impression of Kuching is - no rubbish by the roadsides, clean. Impressive. We went to Santubong on the first day to see the greens, since we are staying in the city. So green and  fresh. Love it.

Dropped by Damai Beach Resort and spend half hour there.

Nasya wearing Denim Rorry hat

Planned to spend the first day Sarawak Cultural Village didn't materialize because the mister has to finish his work before the training today. So, we just roam around the city and napped a lot on the first day.

I have some emails to reply today and see you later!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Nasya's sale carnival

Nasya's school organized a sale carnival last Friday for 6yo students and invited parents and family to come. Nasya has been telling this even before fasting month.

The message in the message book on this sale carnival was something like this "...children can sell books, old toys and art and craft..."

When Nasya heard selling books, she right away said "No! Not my books!" Hmm, this girl has a thing for her books even though she already read almost all of her books.

Toys, we just donated the nice and not used anymore to her cousins, so we have Art and Craft left. But still, what kind of art and craft Nasya wanted to sell?

After some brain storming, (yes we did)I gave her some options and of course she said jewellery. She is into Sofia The First now, so that actually summarized the decision .

We went to Karysma, and bought some colored beads. Used my elastic thread and spent 2-3 hours for first few necklaces and bracelets.

2 days before, I sewed some pouch using Ikea fabric and cut some stickers. You know how children at this age crazy about stickers. All gone. Necklaces, bracelets, pouch bags, batu seremban, headband, book marks (ok we have few left for this)

This was their super inspired principal, who made all the kids want to go to school. You should see how the kids adore the teachers here. We, the parents still cannot believe it.

After making some sales, Nasya ran to her friend's booth to buy dinosaurs. Her fav stegosaurus gone in few seconds so, she settled with Trex. I think that is Trex :p

I love the school for doing this (and of course so many other things) because she was telling me that she wanted to sell something and get her own money after following me to few bazaars since 3 years back. Now she owned and experienced it and agreed with me that it was a quite tiring but of course fun experience.

Thank you Tadika Insan Kamil!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seek and Keep Bazaar

Every weekend, especially Saturday, my day will filled up with something. The normal ones are fabric hunting, sewing supplies shopping, meeting friends and for this week is check out Seek and Keep Bazaar! I've been to this bazaar few months back and really love the ambiance.

Located at BSC, very posh place for me, good crowd and family friendly place. Met Murni, long time didnt see her and really love her booth. All are fresh! fresh! fresh! I didnt buy any though coz Im a bit unlucky when it comes to plants.

Before meeting Murni, I saw this one booth and almost want to scream. I love every single thing there. Now feel a bit regret for not buying. I love hooks and hangers. So usually I bought but I didnt hang it. So, I found this pretty hooks there. Butterfly in brass (I think). RM150 (if not mistaken). Please follow the seller in Instagram and Facebook with the name industrylifestyle

  Did you see the ABC block there? Super love!

The numbers too! Want!

Nasya was wearing Kitakids dress from Mimpi Kita. Took this picture at British India wall. I have 3 pose of Nasya's here. :) In different British India of course.

Not that tired Saturday for me so far! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Books: Coming Up Roses

I love books. Love how I can easily find time last time to read them.

A new book I purchased this month is this book. Cath Kidston - Coming Up Roses.It is how Cath started her business until now. Love all about this book, from the simple story and direct message is clearly delivered, nice photos (of course she shared all the nice prints of her products)

Bought this at MPH Bangsar Village during outing with Ira and can find it too at MPH online just in case you guys interested to buy it.

My type of readings are anything related with creative business, childhood education, art and craft and lately into home decor books but more to DIY, flea markets, industrial looks and not the branded stuff sort of things.

So, what book should I read next month? What is your favourite book?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hong Kong trip

We usually bring the hat along whenever we go. So, this year for our annual trip, we went to Hong Kong. It was on my birthday, but the main agenda is Disneyland for Nasya. How odd is that?

But I always wanted to bring her to Disneyland, so I am satisfied with this year holiday as we can see how happy she was during the whole trip. It was a 5d4n trip and we need more days! Spent 3 days in Disneyland itself and 3 days in Kowloon but we need more.

Disneyland was superb. Halal food is there in the park itself, and because we stayed in the nearby hotel, it makes us easy to go back to refresh and pray. Weather was nice, a bit gloomy and it was even raining on the 2nd day 6AM but it stopped 2 hours after that.

Nasya loves the classic merry go round in the Fantasyland, the high parachute in the Toy Story land, but I think she enjoyed the Mickey Phillarmagic and The Golden Mickey Shows. Oh wait, I think she loved all the shows and I personally loved the Lion King show, but I think Winne The Pooh Adventure was not worth queuing. Maybe because she knows the story already, and it was a quick one.

After Disneyland, we went to Kowloon. Stayed in the hotel there and we took a stroll at night at the famous Avenue of Stars. And we went to Sham Shui Po the next morning for some fabric hunting. According to Ira, it was fab, yes, it was. But I think my timing is not right. It was raining (again) that morning, so most of the stalls/shops opened a bit late. And because we are going back the next day, most of the fabric that I want is not available on the spot. They had to order it first within 5-7 days. So sad!

Mostly the style here is they displayed the swatches in front and in the shop and we can just tell them, how many meters we want for that certain fabric. The swatches there were free to grab. Other than fabrics, you can find laces, buttons, accessories, felt, leathers too. I bought some ribbons and trims and one fabric that I think I couldn't find it here :)

Overall it was a short trip, but meaningful to 3 of us. Gonna make another visit, for sure!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Birthday dress

She is having fever when I came back from the office today but active as usual.

So i asked to try her new dress. Its a birthday dress. Its a tradition for me to make her new dress every birthdays.

And she came out with this silly faces. There are a lot, but I will just share this hehhee