Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seek and Keep Bazaar

Every weekend, especially Saturday, my day will filled up with something. The normal ones are fabric hunting, sewing supplies shopping, meeting friends and for this week is check out Seek and Keep Bazaar! I've been to this bazaar few months back and really love the ambiance.

Located at BSC, very posh place for me, good crowd and family friendly place. Met Murni, long time didnt see her and really love her booth. All are fresh! fresh! fresh! I didnt buy any though coz Im a bit unlucky when it comes to plants.

Before meeting Murni, I saw this one booth and almost want to scream. I love every single thing there. Now feel a bit regret for not buying. I love hooks and hangers. So usually I bought but I didnt hang it. So, I found this pretty hooks there. Butterfly in brass (I think). RM150 (if not mistaken). Please follow the seller in Instagram and Facebook with the name industrylifestyle

  Did you see the ABC block there? Super love!

The numbers too! Want!

Nasya was wearing Kitakids dress from Mimpi Kita. Took this picture at British India wall. I have 3 pose of Nasya's here. :) In different British India of course.

Not that tired Saturday for me so far! 

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