Monday, September 23, 2013

Nasya's sale carnival

Nasya's school organized a sale carnival last Friday for 6yo students and invited parents and family to come. Nasya has been telling this even before fasting month.

The message in the message book on this sale carnival was something like this "...children can sell books, old toys and art and craft..."

When Nasya heard selling books, she right away said "No! Not my books!" Hmm, this girl has a thing for her books even though she already read almost all of her books.

Toys, we just donated the nice and not used anymore to her cousins, so we have Art and Craft left. But still, what kind of art and craft Nasya wanted to sell?

After some brain storming, (yes we did)I gave her some options and of course she said jewellery. She is into Sofia The First now, so that actually summarized the decision .

We went to Karysma, and bought some colored beads. Used my elastic thread and spent 2-3 hours for first few necklaces and bracelets.

2 days before, I sewed some pouch using Ikea fabric and cut some stickers. You know how children at this age crazy about stickers. All gone. Necklaces, bracelets, pouch bags, batu seremban, headband, book marks (ok we have few left for this)

This was their super inspired principal, who made all the kids want to go to school. You should see how the kids adore the teachers here. We, the parents still cannot believe it.

After making some sales, Nasya ran to her friend's booth to buy dinosaurs. Her fav stegosaurus gone in few seconds so, she settled with Trex. I think that is Trex :p

I love the school for doing this (and of course so many other things) because she was telling me that she wanted to sell something and get her own money after following me to few bazaars since 3 years back. Now she owned and experienced it and agreed with me that it was a quite tiring but of course fun experience.

Thank you Tadika Insan Kamil!

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