Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finally I got the dress form!

Finally I got the dress form I'm looking for, for ages.

Why I need one?Because I tried to snap pictures of skirts for sell, but I found it hard, because my little one cannot stay still and I cant stop asking her to stay still, so I need one thing that can stay still, which is the DRESS FORM!

The skirt was made to sell and the top is my LO top for hari raya. Happen to be, it matches the skirt..Yeayy!!

It cost me RM150 and can be found at the shops at Jalan Kenanga. OMG I cant stand the traffic there!

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alamaya said...

dapat beli akhirnya...lepas ni senang la skit nak snap gamba eh...waa..bila nak up gamba gamba untuk jualan.....