Monday, March 15, 2010

A ballerina printed dress, a handmade bag and Okinokiyo-YO

I've been busy. Damn busy. Last Saturday, we went to Disney On Ice Show at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil... As promised, Nasya wore her ballerina printed dress and [A NEW HANDMADE] handbag/slingbag!!


I made the bag a day earlier. The show was on Saturday nite and I made her handbag since Friday to that Saturday morning. And luckily she wanted to wear that bag. She put her camera and some of her mega blocks inside that bag.

Thank god because that mega blocks made her occupied when we stucked in the parking lot after the show.

The bag wasquite roomy. Its round and big - about 9inch in diameter if Im not mistaken. I didn't make any pocket inside because I found out that kids don't really need to much compartment. So they can just dump everything inside.

I planned to make an adjustable strap but I cut the strap earlier so I left with two short straps which fit her just nice. So I put only one nice length strap on the bag.

My husband commented that I should put the fusible interfacing so that the bag didnt slouch. So I will improve that in the next version. So many things to improve. I dont mind because I made it from scratch - and of course inspired from somebody else, who is YOONIE.

A short clip of Disney On Ice Opening show

So, I will show you in the next few days - the improvise version after I finished all my orders yeah?

And this week, Im busy doing these. I can say Im crazy making these. I didnt do anything other than these...Can you imagine??? I love doing the button and fabric matching. Its so tricky! I have lots of buttons, a cute nice ones..and Im happy putting it to these yoyos..LOVE IT. Can I call it Okinokiyo-Yo? Hahahaha

Im still thinking what to make with these..And I will give these for free...yeah for FREE. Generous me.. :) Im not kidding..


We'll see in next post yeah??


alamaya said...

kalau tak pegi flea market tu leh dapat gak tak okinokiyo-YO....haha......

dwimaya said...

comel nye nasya dgn baju and bag handmade by her own mom. :)

yoyos tu ape benda eh sebenarnye? utk pakai ke ape ke?

Yani Yusuf said...

mai...Okinokiyo-Yo tu kalo buat klip rambut cantik gak tuh...huhu

Anonymous said...

eh i want i want!!! boleh buat scrapbooking. or ltk kat skirt yg kain-dia plain. eh buat brooch pun ok gak. or ltk as hairband.

ok dah dah. i better stop now. byk la idea aku ni kan.

okinokiyo said...

jannah : tak boleh sbb nnti habis :p

dwimaya : yoyo ni more for embellishment :D

kak yani : haa bleh tp aku mls sbb modelnye tak suka pakai clip..:p

zam : yerrr bettollll mmg leh letak kat plain skirt, brooch, hairband, scrapbook..mmg pon..sila la dtg kat booth i yerrrrrrrr :p

Yani Yusuf said...

mai...simpan kat aku sket...nk jugakkkk...:P

Zura said...

Comelnya, both mom and dotter! :) Cute fabric flowers too, banyak kegunaan ni :)

okinokiyo said...

kak yani : takder reserve2 hahaha

zura : btol2 bnyak kegunaan kan?

Miss Moon said...

dear ai na beli vley?